Thursday, May 7, 2009

Your True Colors

This Knowlunch session was just plain fun. I talked one of my coworkers into coming with me so I wouldn't feel like such a dork. She had already done a color personality-type workshop so she knew what to expect.

The presenter, who runs a child care center, talked about the history of personality profiling and how coming up with a "sticky" method of coding it so people could remember was important. I didn't write any of it down, but the guy who created Your True Colors is one such person.

We went through some exercises to determine our dominant traits, which were assigned colors. We then met in groups with other people of the same dominant colors to talk about the things we liked and didn't like.

The presenter talked about how this information can be used to adjust how you deal with people so that you are working in a way that's good for you. For example, an analytical person doesn't need to have the same level of touchy-feely conversation before getting down to business as a romantic personality.

While I can see how this information is somewhat practical, I found it to be mostly fun. Since my brain was starting to fry from the rest of the conference it was a good break.

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