Friday, May 15, 2009

Sensory Goo

Cornstarch Goo in the Sensory Table

And now for the second dose of cornstarch goo…

This time I made the goo at school.  It took forever to cool, so partway into class I separated it into three bowls and tossed them in the fridge.  This turned out to be a good thing! 

For the first hour of class kids kept asking me why the table was empty.  I told them there would be something fun to put in it later, which turned into a debate topic among the kids.  Very interesting conversations indeed.

Once the goo was cold I added blue and red to two parts and left one part white.  Then I just dumped it into the sensory table.  It really did feel like hair gel.  Since one boy managed to get splatted on the head with a glob I can tell you it works like hair gel too when it's dry.  Several children spread the goo on their arms.  The fact that it was cold was something everyone remarked on, and I will probably refrigerate the next batch on purpose.

The best part?  Clean-up is a breeze.  It just rinses off.  Even if it dries before you get a chance to clean it, it still rinses right away.  While you could make prints with this you'd have to add a lot more color to it than I did.  When it dried on things the color was very pale.

Allergy note:  Again, because of the cornstarch this is not a good choice for corn allergic students.  If you really like how this feels you could investigate cheap hair gel as an alternative.