Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Pots

Pot and PaintsGiving Moms flowers or plants is very traditional for Mother's Day, at least in the U.S. Last year we bagged up dirt with the children and sent them home with some seeds and a pot that they painted. This year, given that we've had our garbage garden going for awhile, we decided to help them plant zinnia seeds in their painted pots to give to their Moms.

As usual we had a few who weren't interested in it and some for whom we needed to get extra pots that could be painted or filled with dirt. Even though terracotta pots don't hold the paint on as long as plastic ones do we always pick terracotta for our class because we want the pots to be reused either as drainage shards or smashed and composted. Once a plastic pot breaks it can only go into the landfill.

To round out this edition of Gardening With Small Children In An Enclosed Space, here are some shots of our grass plants and garbage garden progressing. See if you can spot the potatoes, which are actually growing!

Watering the Garden
Garbage Garden with Sprouting Potatoes

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