Sunday, May 3, 2009

Keynote Musical Guest: Don Monopoli of The Learning Station

I confess to having issues with adults who dress up in costumes to entertain children, but I suppose I can live with a vaguely train engineer-ish outfit. Don Monopoli did an admirable job keeping the adults at the conference entertained for a full 30 minutes despite only having a CD player on stage with him. Maybe the other two members of his group needed the day off. He was appropriately humorous and never once asked us to buy his stuff, either that or I didn't notice.

I also want to point out that he did at least two songs that Dr. Jean did the day before: The Tooty Ta and Going On a Bear Hunt. His renditions were not in the least offensive and I really COULD see myself presenting those songs his way. For example, instead of using candy-related locations for Bear Hunt, he used nature items as obstacles. So, I guess I learned that just because I don't like the way someone performed something doesn't mean I can't make it my own later.

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