Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lesson Plan for the Week of Dec. 10

Sensory Table: Ice shapes with cold weather animals inside, colored ice "bergs"
Gooey: Play dough
Easel: Markers
Art/Manipulatives: Blue and white paint with "snow" sprinkles left over from Getting Ready for the Holidays on Monday, ice cube painting on off white paper on Wednesday

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Rice is very common in sensory tables, and for good reason. Rice can be scooped and put through funnels like sand, but it also has a feel and smell all its own. Regular white rice as well as rice that you color, brown rice, and wild rice (not really rice at all!) are all great alternatives.

Lesson Plan for the Week of Dec. 2

Sensory Table: Corn meal with corn kernals in it, sifters, scoops, cups

Gooey: Play foam

Easel: Dot painters

Art/Manipulatives: Stamps of various shapes and letters