Friday, February 27, 2009

When Clean-Up Gets Creative

To end the week I thought I'd share a funny. If you work with children you get something funny each and every day, but personally I don't always get a picture.

We had multi-colored rice in one of the tables this week with pastel egg halves and little cups for scooping. At some point the rice became confetti and the area around the table had more rice than the table did. We broke out the dustpans and brushes (we only have 4 or 5 sets and we really could use more) and everyone pitched in to put the rice back.

One child felt that the rice should not only go in the table but into some sort of container. He found a large container that was holding hole punches and decided that it would make an excellent rice container. But he didn't feel the need to remove the hold punches or to keep the little cups separate from the rice. Just to make it special he added a shiny box to the top of the container.

Here's how the table looked when the children arrived for the morning:
A Pretty Sensory Table With Rice

And here's how it looked after it was "cleaned up:"
Rice, Hold Punches, Cups, and a Shiny Box

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