Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lesson Plan for Week of February 18, 2009: 2 Year Olds

Sensory Table: Mixed dry beans and scoops

Gooey: None specifically, though we will have some gooey for our sensory footpath either a new recipes I found for pearly clay or regular play dough

Easel: Paint

Art: Tempera cakes with q-tips Tempera Cakes in Tray, Q-tips, and Yellow Paper

Other: Sensory footpath with a variety of things to walk on. A bucket or basket for shoes will be kept by the back door in case we need to exit the building quickly.

Notes: We only have class one day this week because of President's Day on Monday. We are also going to get a new student. We aren't sure if there will be confusion or if it will all go smoothly.

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