Friday, February 20, 2009

Dried Beans

Mixed Dried Beans with Cup and Shovel
Dried beans are great in the sensory table. They don't have any smell, but they do have a nice, smooth texture. We usually use them with scoops, shovels, and containers, similar to what we often use with sand. If you use funnels with beans make sure the hole at the bottom of the funnel is large enough for the largest beans you've used. We keep a large container of mixed beans at school, and it's fun to compare the different sizes and colors.

I don't know about other classes, but my two-year olds this year always add things to the sensory table over the course of a morning. We have an alligator who always makes it in, plus other animals, trucks, and kitchen implements often also join the party. The bottom picture was taken after my little helpers had their way with the table.
Dried Beans with Childrens' Additions

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