Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lesson Plan Review for the Week of Nov. 19

Wow! Having the gutter at the sensory table was so fun! I think the kids liked having the room moved around just for variety. We did have to keep emptying out the table, but there was someone playing with the water the entire time. I'd love to do this again some time. On Wednesday we did put floating cranberries in the table. We only used one bag because we couldn't find them on sale, but two bags definitely would have been better. In any case, the kids scooped them up with funnels and nets and enjoyed them.

The children are really enjoying plain old crayons and markers. And when we cover the whole table they don't have to be concerned about who is drawing where. It also makes keeping up with the artists a whole lot easier. Now if we could just get the parent helpers to leave the crayons alone!

The blocks we borrowed from the Big Room were great. With the large space and lots of building materials the kids built and moved and added and took away. There was quite a bit of cooperative building and some fixing with our play tools. This is a definite must-do-again activity.

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