Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lesson Plan Review for the Week of Nov. 12

The baking activity Monday went pretty well and the kids loved the muffin recipe. After that we set out cornstarch and water (a non-Newtonian fluid, FYI) on trays, but only my co-teacher and I seemed to play with it. I think since toddlers haven't formed their own opinions about how solids and liquids are different they just aren't impressed. So, we did liquid water with droppers color on large and small coffee filters. Most of them needed to have the droppers filled for them even though the color trays were within reach because they haven't figured out the whole dropper thing yet. But boy, can they squirt the color out!

The leaves in the table were used occasionally. Wednesday we had fabulous weather, so we propped open the door so the kids could wander as they liked. We even went to the bigger play yard next door. The breeze was strong on Wednesday, so we had pinwheels and fabric streamers out. On Monday we set out markers and crayons on an outdoor table, and they drew more than I've ever seen them draw. We also did snack outside on Wednesday, and for the first time we didn't have to do much reminding to sit while eating.

The teachers we share the room with added record players on the floor in a corner for Wednesday. The kids loved it. In case you've never seen this, you take an old record player, poke a hole in the middle of a paper plate, and let the kids draw on the plate with marker while it spins. You have to be sure there's no needle in the arm and that the arm is securely taped down. We had one little girl that was more interested in stacking and unstacking the supply of paper plates, so while we usually keep those out of reach we just left them with the markers next to the record players.

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