Friday, April 17, 2009

Seed Planting

Seeds and Dirt
Here you see two trays of dirt and one tray of seeds. The seeds are spelt berries, which I bought in bulk at my local co-op. They sprout quickly and are fairly hardy, which is perfect for preschoolers. We also have spray bottles available for watering the seed/dirt mixture and spoons for spooning things back and forth between trays. In the past I've done this with small tubs placed inside the sensory table to minimize the mess, but other than seeds flying a bit I didn't find it too messy. The table where I set this up is at a better height than the sensory table for several of my students.

Rather than blather on about this one, I'll post more as the seeds (hopefully) grow. These trays will be put out daily so the children can water them and see what's happening to them.

The pictures below show the children mixing the dirt and seeds in their own way.
More Seeds, Dirt, and Kids
Seeds, Dirt, and Kids


  1. yes! we are doing the same with organic wheat berries.

    exactly one week later we have 5 inch growth!

    and it tastes good too.

    i like the way you have the kids transferring seed to dirt.

    next year.

  2. You know, I've never tasted it with the kids! We don't have sprouts now, just the grass. Is that edible?

  3. Can't wait for Isaac to be able to help me plant stuff! :)

  4. I'll be honest--I have a black thumb! I do plant things with my own kids, but mostly because I think it's important to know how food gets made. Plus, pulling carrots out of the ground is hugely fun. Every year we have one or more disasters and I can never get anyone to weed with me, but I feel it's worth it to try. But people have (finally) stopped giving me house plants because once they're in my house, they're doomed!