Thursday, April 2, 2009

IAEYC 2009-Bound

I'll be off to the IAEYC 2009 conference in the wee hours tomorrow morning. I'll be driving from home both mornings I'm going because, well, let's face it, lodging is not in the budget this year! My intention is to do a small write-up for each session that turns out to be interesting (there's always a dud or two) and spread those out on the blog over the next few weeks. I won't be taking many pictures, if any, while I'm there, so the blog would be very plain indeed if I just posted a bunch of conference notes.

If any of you are Indiana residents I hope I'll get to meet you there!


  1. Thanks!

    I'm back already! I did have a good time. This year was a mixed bag for me, and not having a lot of coworkers with me to rehash everything was a little bit of a downer (not that the ones who were there were insufficient, but there's just something about a gaggle of teachers..).

    I am very tired and I think it will probably be a few days before I can sit down to type out my notes. Plus, my family misses me and I need to spend a little time with them.

    So, I'll type notes up when I can!