Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Garbage Garden

Planting a Garbage Garden
We recently asked our families to bring in things that might grow, specifically things hiding in the refrigerator or seeds from things they ate. Sprouted vegetables, squash seeds, you name it, we wanted it for our garbage garden.

We placed all the "garbage" items out in a tray. Some of them had to be cut, like carrot tops, and we waited until the children arrived before we did that. We set out dirt, spoons, and separated cardboard egg cartons. Our thinking is that if anything should grow, we can plant the little egg cartons directly in the children's garden in the play yard.
Ready For Love, the Garbage Garden
Along with the spelt berries we planted, we put out our garbage garden items daily for the kids to water. The children are really taking ownership of the grass seed. We didn't put it out on Wednesday of last week because we decided to have "dark day" (I'll post about that another time) and several of them asked about the plants.

At the time of this writing the grass plants are roughly 5-6 inches tall. It's very cool. On Monday one child decided to pull some up to see what was underneath. Good thing it's hardy stuff!
Taking Care of Baby Grass Seed

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