Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Learn About Weaving with Kids

61vK4S3VRGL._SL160_ My Monday post inspired me to dig out You Can Weave!: Projects for Young Weavers, which has been very helpful in working with my own children. I’m not a particularly crafty person (with the exception of knitting) so I need to be guided step by step with lots of instructions and pictures. This book does that. The first few projects are great for pre-K and Kindergarten. Some children with good spacial awareness and fine motor skills in the older threes crowd could probably do those projects as well.

What I like about weaving is that for the simpler projects the gratification is immediate. It’s also very easy to do your own thing and still create something of beauty. Even if the end result isn’t something a child can take home, the act of weaving, once the process is understood, can be very soothing for some children. If you’re teaching elementary school you can add math, history, and social studies to the mix while providing a tactile experience for the children who need it. Remember, wigglers behave and learn better when they are able to wiggle while they learn.

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