Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Alumni Camp

I'm going to be mostly gone this week. We have camp in the morning and by afternoon (after cleaning the kids and washing their stuff, putting away lunches, helping kids put away the mess they were making when the other kid was being washed, etc.) I'm just plain done. But let me tell you a little bit about the camp we're doing this week because it's so fun.

At my nursery school we have summer camp for our students for three, four-day weeks in the mornings. So, M-Th mornings for three weeks. Last year we added a week of alumni camp. Any kid who's gone to the school in the past and who has just finished grades K-3 can sign up. We do all the regular nursery school stuff but at an older kid level entirely outdoors, weather permitting. We tell kids to come in their swimsuits and bring a change of clothes so they can get as messy as they want to get. It's a total blast.

Both my kids are in it this year, so I'm one of the teachers. Yesterday was our first day. I'm already exhausted. We didn't do all the things we planned because the kids were so busy getting reacquainted with each other and making new friends from different ages. There was much running, digging, building, splashing, and general mayhem. But all the good kind.

We keep joking that we need to do a camp like this for grown-ups. I'd go if I knew all my old friends would be there, wouldn't you?


  1. that is a great idea.

    yes, i'd go to a camp like this for grown ups. : )

  2. Would we absolutely HAVE to be in our swimsuits?!?!
    Sounds like a blast!

  3. Well...*I* don't wear my swimsuit, but I come home pretty wet and messy myself. The kids are usually drenched. Some of them come in clothes but they always change.

    Tomorrow we're supposed to have some bad weather. If it's just rain we'll all be outside, so swimsuits make the most sense (I still won't be wearing mine).