Friday, March 27, 2009


Sand in the Sensory Table
I know, huge surprise! Sand in the sensory table! Since many people refer to it as the "Sand and Water Table," sand is a natural, either dry or wet (we mostly do our wet sand outside, but we have big sand pits where we can do that).

What do you like to put in your sand? Classically, you have shovels, cups, and maybe some scoop-type objects. You could also take the thematic route and put certain kinds of animals (desert, woodlands) with appropriate landscaping props in the table with sand.

Then there are the pouring gadgets with things that spin or dump when enough sand is poured in at the top. Don't forget funnels, small cups, and random things you find around that you think have no purpose until some child finds them to be the perfect things to play with in the sand.


  1. Your site is so upbeat and full of ideas. Thanks.

  2. We have been putting small objects, tongs, and bowls in our sensory table so the kids can practice picking stuff out of the sand. We also like the little fish nets for both water and sand.
    I am just discovering your blog. Looks like some great ideas to share.

  3. Thanks for stopping by!

    Juliann, I like your idea of the tongs. We're about to use tongs in the table for something else, but I never thought to use them for other things. The only tongs we have are in the kitchen of the church where the school is, so maybe I always want to stick with food or things that won't mess them up. It's a good reminder to be flexible.

  4. Hi Patti, I love your site--it's really great. I just got your comment on my site and I wanted to thank you for your input. I help in the classroom one day a week, but with my own class and the school I don't have much free time on my hands. Thanks again, and I will visit again.