Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pom Poms, Clothespins, Cups, and Tubes

Pom Poms, Tubes, and Clothspins
What a mess, right? Here's a shot of our sensory table with pom poms, clothespins, and tubes in it. Seems a little strange, but kids like to use the spring-loaded clothespins to pick up pom poms as well as attach them to the tubes. They also like to run the pom poms through the various sized tubes, noticing which size pom poms will fit through which tubes (so have a variety of sizes of both).

I usually do this activity on a table as a manipulative. In that case I often remove the tubes and use recyled containers. Kids clip the clothespins on the sides of the containers and use the clothespins to put pom poms in the containers. Some kids focus on just one of the items, while others may combine two or more.

Allergy Note: If you are using recycled containers, be sure they didn't contain an allergenic food for one of your students. If they did, confirm with the parents what kind of cleaning is acceptable, if any, before you use those containers.

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