Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Don't Let the Paint Boogies Get You Down

After a nice spring break this photo is what greeted me in the supply room when I went to fill the day's paint cups.  Cool!  No more paint boogies!

For the uninitiated, when you use pumps with tempera paint they have a tendency to get clogged with dried paint, AKA "boogies," or "boogers," depending on your personal preference.  Even if you use the pumps everyday, the paint still dries.  When you use a pump that has boogers in it, you start the day covered in paint yourself since the paint goes flying everywhere but down depending on how hard you pushed on that sucker.  It's a real pain to clean pumps out, too.  You have to soak them and force water through them, so they generally don't get cleaned out more than is absolutely necessary ("necessary" defined as, "most of the staff is cursing the pumps this morning").

This is an idea that our music teacher/co-director thought up.  She made little chenille stem (pipe cleaner, for us old folks) plugs for the pumps to keep the paint from drying inside.  Brilliant!

I was the first person to use the pumps after spring break and THEY ALL WORKED!  Not a single one was clogged and I went nuts with the colors.

We used to have a sign in the supply room that read: "Watch Out for Paint Boogers" to remind us to block the potential spray with whatever container we would be using for paint.  Well, no more!  At least, I hope not!

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