Monday, January 26, 2009

Lesson Plan for Week of January 26, 2009: Toilet Paper!

Today was what we like to call a "too much" kind of day. We asked our parents to each bring in two rolls of toilet paper to supplement what we had on hand. Far and away the most favorite activity was the two rolls we rigged up from the ceiling. Luckily we made it relatively easy to reload those rolls because we went through a lot of them! It's hard to see in the picture at left because of the wind sock, but that roll of paper is hanging from the ceiling and the paper is dangling where the kids can reach it.
Here's a rundown of our plan:

Sensory Table: Clean Mud

Manipulatives: Rolls of toilet paper on a thing that had safe prongs so the kids could unroll the toilet paper

Easel: Two rolls of toilet paper rigged up on the easel with two colors of watercolors and small diameter brushes

Gooey: Play dough, colorless

Art: Toilet paper on a table with markers, scissors, and stickers; Also a ramp was set up against this table so toilet paper could be rolled down

Other: Two toilet paper rolls hanging from different areas of the room that could be pulled with force

Sadly the rest of the week was taken up by bad weather cancellations. We might keep the clean mud in a bowl for future use.

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